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Marta Dobrynina

Born in Moscow, URSS

Lives & works in Bruxelles, Belgium



2013- 2018 Graduated with a Master degree in Contemporary Jewelry Design from RHoK Academy, Brussels. Laureate of the jury.


2003 - 2007 Graduated with a Master degree in Interior Architecture & Design from the Royal Academie of Fine Arts in Brussels


2000 - 2004 Graduated with a Bachelor degree in Etching from Rhok Visual Arts Academy. Laureate of the jury.


Group exhibitions:

Annual Exhibitions at RHoK Academie

2016 - At Brussels Palliament for 10 ears

             of jewelry studio.

          - At RHoK Academie, Brussels

2017 - COMMON GROUND Exhibition at the

            Museum Hof van Busleyden, Mechelen

          - At Rhok Academie, Brussels

2018 - At the Gallery BE Craft,  

            Mons, Belgium ( I have been member

            since 2018).

           - At Rhok Academie, Brussels

2019  - At the gallery BE Caft, Mons, Belgium

             Project "Invitation de Victor H"

           - At My day by day Gallery, Rom, Italy

             Project " 7 Artists for 7 Days"

           - At the Cultural Center 

              De Warandepoort, Tervuren, Belgium

              Project " Crossroads"

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